We’ve gathered up some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received over the years and placed them here for your easy access. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, please drop us a line…

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How should I pay for my charter fishing trip?

You may pay for your charter with cash, credit or debit card. At your request, gratuities may be added to your charter via your charge card.

Credit Card fee of 4% will be added to the total balance if paying with a major credit or debit card. Cash is preferred!

Is there a deposit required?

We require a $200 deposit at the time of the initial booking. The remainder of the cost due for the charter will be settled back at the dock after your charter is complete and the captain is done filleting your catch! We accept cash, all major credit or debit cards. You will settle up with the captain after the charter has been completed. 

We accept cash, all major credit or debit cards. 

Where can I cook my catch?

We book it 📆 You hook it 🎣 They Cook it 🥘

One frequently asked question that comes up is where can I take my fillets for dinner after my trip. Here is a small list of local restaurants who will gladly handle that for you! Check our Facebook post.

How many people can your charter boat accommodate?

Our charter accommodates 1 – 5 persons.

What should I bring on my charter trip?

You are able to bring whatever you’d like to eat and drink on board. Alcohol is perfectly acceptable, as long as there is no glass on board that could easily break. We have a Yeti on board that you are able to place your lunch and drinks in. You may also bring a smaller cooler on board if you prefer. We recommend bringing a cooler and keeping it in your car to keep your fish iced down on the way home, we will supply you with ice for that as well. Please do not forget to bring your hats and sunscreen. We recommend that you wear gym shoes on board and recommend you wear a UV protectant shirt. We have all the necessary top notch fishing gear ready to go on board, no fishing licenses are required as you are covered under our company. If you’d like to bring a combo of your own, please keep it to 1 or 2.

Can I keep the fish we catch?

Absolutely! Your Captain will inform you of what you may legally keep and it will be your decision to harvest per regulations per species. Please harvest only what you will use and leave the rest for your next trip. We will happily clean and bag your catch back at the dock.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my charter?

We will brief you of the expected weather conditions for your charter time as soon as practical. You will always have the opportunity to change your charter type from an offshore to inshore based upon the briefing we provide you and your judgment of your party. We will not take you fishing if there is a small craft advisory in effect or if we feel that there is a high probability that weather conditions could deteriorate to an unsafe condition during your scheduled charter. Don’t worry; if we take you out rest assured that the weather conditions are safe for your planned charter on our boat. We want you back again and again!

Should I tip the captain / crew?

Please make sure you are taking care of our crew at the end of the trip. Our Crew works for TIPS! 20% gratuity is greatly appreciated. You may pay the tips via the card on file but the crew prefers the tip in cash.

No GPS Tracking Devices!

There are no GPS tracking devices allowed on our charters. You may have your cell phone out for taking pictures but they must be in “Airplane Mode” and not actively tracking our position. We have spent countless hours and resources to locate some of the best fishing grounds around and they are for the sole use of Salty Dog Charters to give our clients the best fishing experience possible. Violation of this policy by any member of your crew will result in the Captain returning you immediately to port and charging you the full price for your charter. Thank you for your cooperation in making sure future anglers aboard our charters will have the same great fishing trip as you.