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Sunset Cruises

There is nothing quite like a St.Petersburg, Florida sunset while rocking gently, relaxing aboard a boat. This is an uniquely beautiful and unwinding moment that is perfectly shared with family or friends as time stands still while the sun dips just below the horizon tucking in for the night and the moon shortly starts rising. 
Join Salty Dog Charters during our golden hour out on the Gulf of Mexico and escape in the vast beauty Mother Nature has to offer. These trips start about an hour before sunset and last for a total of 2hrs. BYOB and pack a picnic too! 

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Eco Tours

Bask in the sunshine on one of our eco tours to the sandbar for a fun filled day of shelling, snorkeling, and adventuring! 

There are many locations we can check out on the Eco Tour which would include Shell Key, Egmont Key State Park, historic Fort Desoto State Park, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, cruising along the Gulf of Mexico coast line or through the inter-coastal of Tampa Bay. 

This 4hr trip is action packed, history loaded and fun filled for a low key and easy, relaxing day on the water. Bring your picnic with you and we’ll take you to enjoy Florida’s nature at its purest form. 

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Come and join us for an evening of relaxation and beauty that you will never forget. This is a truly unforgettable experience that is perfect for sharing with family and friends.